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Prompt Plumbing is a leader in design and installation of geothermal heating systems on PEI. We began installing these systems in 1995 and since then our business and expertise in this area has grown extensively. We are an accredited IGSHPA installer and a distributor for the NORDIC® brand of heat pump.

If you are considering an alternative to traditional energy systems in your home or business consider geothermal heating. It is competitive to any heating system and will result in savings over other methods of heating and cooling your premises.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps (GHPs) are electrically powered heating/cooling devices which transfer heat to and from the earth via a refrigeration process. Heat pumps have been in operation for over 50 years and operate on the same principle as a refrigerator or air conditioner. During winter operation heat energy is absorbed from the ground via underground tubing or by pumping well water to the heat pump. The heat pump mechanism concentrates this energy and delivers it to the home/business structure in the form of warm air or hotwater. During summer operation the process is reversed. Warm air is collected from the home/business structure and rejected to the cooler earth. On most models, domestic hot water is produced any time the heat pump operates. Geothermal heat pumps are available for both forced air and infloor heating systems in a variety of output capacities which can accommodate any building design. .

What can you expect from a geothermal heat pump?
Compared to electric heat, a GHP will save 66% or more on your heating costs.
The GHP is completely automatic in operation providing heating, cooling and hot water with a centrally located heat/cool thermostat.
There is no combustion, therefore the system is exceptionally clean.
GHPs have a good track record for long life and can be further protected by a 10 year extended warranty offered on the NORDIC brand of heat pump.
A geothermal heat system is housed indoors and underground, protected from the harsh elements. With few moving parts the system is virtually maintenance free.
Heating and cooling a structure with a renewable energy resource is one more step toward minimizing the environmental threats we face.